“It is not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

The only wrong move when it comes to Digital Transformation is to make no move at all.

Logical consultants can be with you when you need them, either augmenting your team or providing you with the technical expertise where you need it.

Our team have proven NZ experience and will help realise your digital vision in a pragmatic, cost-effective way.

Data & Analytics

Digital assets need to be analysed and tracked with precision for effectiveness and continual improvement. Maximise the value of your data to know your customer, improve services and make better-informed decisions.

  • Datawarehousing – Build the foundation for Business Intelligence by integrating structured and unstructured data into a central repository.

  • Business Intelligence – Understand your data and provide historical, current, and predictive business insights through analysis and reporting.

  • Data Analysis– Make the change from interpreting the past to forecasting your future.

  • Data Visualisation – Support business decisions by displaying and communicating data simply and graphically so it is easily accessed by the intended audience.

  • Data Architecture– Visualise and design the enterprise data management framework to align with enterprise strategy and business architecture.

  • Data Governance – Ensure the security and integrity of your data assets.

  • Data Science– Break down big data and create software and algorithms that help companies and organisations maximise efficiencies.

Digital Solutions

Addressing the challenges around leading and managing the talent and innovation required to deliver transformation projects.

  • Program / Project Management – Our highly talented program and project managers leverage the necessary experience and stakeholder management skills to consistently lead your projects and deliver against time and budget.
  • Architecture – Successful solutions are built on effective underlying scalable and secure architecture. Enterprise & solutions architecture ensures that the project delivers to business goals.

  • Business Analysis – Both technical and business process analysis will analyse, document and communicate your digital vision.
  • Change management – significant change needs to be carefully planned and implemented. The CM team will look at all areas impacted from an ICT and communications perspective keeping HR, marketing, legal, IT and production in the loop.
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Digital solutions are flexible and scalable so Cloud is often a solution. Our cloud experts advise and manage the risks of deployment for complex environments.
  • Software Testing – A key part of delivering is in the verification and test phases throughout an Agile process including the Usability and Acceptance testing.

Creating your ideal team

Logical Consulting will work with you to bring together the most suitable team to deliver on agreed outcomes.

We add value by identifying cost savings in the deployment and resource management of the team.

We understand resourcing requirements for often daunting and complex undertakings. This requires strategic thinking and long term consideration.

Logical Consulting will take on the work, in partnership with you to ensure the right thinking, resources, skills and experience are in place to ensure each step of the transformation process leads to a successful business outcome.

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What Our Clients Say

Some of our testimonials


Logical Consulting has a very unique way of consulting. I can say that I’ve not had such a professional experience with any other agency. From the very start it was about my needs and he explained the role from my perspective. When I left the meeting I knew it was my position. I’m so happy in this role and I couldn’t recommend Logical Consulting highly enough.

BI Consultant

“Sound advice”

Logical Consulting are very good at listening to the people they place and giving sound advice when requested. They worked hard and managed to find me one of the most satisfying roles I have had over the years which has given me a springboard to do much, much, more.

Data Analyst


Logical Consulting has been a great partner for our business. They are a very effective and astute recruiter and we have a great deal of trust in them. As such, they engage with us in a true consulting style as he provides sound advice and guidance with our recruitment. On top of that, Ashley is a first-class bloke, with a great sense of humour and always a pleasure to deal with.

Chief People Officer – NZ Telco

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