MVP – Most Valued Professional

Join the Logical team of MVPs and enjoy the benefits of a one-to-one partnership that gives you the best access to contract and consulting opportunities.

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This program is reserved for Professional Contract Consultants that have been through a consultation to determine their selection criteria for contract and consultancy roles.

It is suited to those that have a track record of reference checkable New Zealand based projects behind them.

Pre agreement to probity checks including MoJ (Police checks), credit checks, reference checks and compliance with PI/PL Insurance requirements will be required to register.

  • MVPs have exclusive access to all Contract and Consultancy roles before additional advertising or sourcing methods are implemented.
  • MVPs are pre-screened – we do it once and we retain all the data. No need to register multiple times.
  • Additional assignment briefs will be either be video link or at a location of your choosing – no need to take valuable time out of your day to travel to a meeting.
  • MVPs have direct access to their own details via a Logical portal. They make themselves available/unavailable and choose what updates they receive.
  • MVPs have privileged access to the Logical team. If you require a career consultation, would like to review market information or want to discuss your situation just ask.
  • When you choose to be active/available your redacted details will be circulated to our client base to be considered for contract or consultancy assignments


  • MVPs are reference checkable in NZ. They come with substantial track records delivering your sorts of projects.
  • They will receive formal feedback from their previous Logical assignments and from yours at completion.
  • The MVP enjoys a close relationship with Logical, we know who we are working with.


As soon as you brief Logical our suitable and available MVPs will be alerted. The MVPs will be given priority attention to check suitability and circumstances fit your brief.

Retention of IP

Resources can be managed to use the same contractor or consultant on multiple projects and retain valuable IP for future assignments.

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Why Work With Us?

Our vision

Logical Consulting has strong beliefs and our approach to recruitment reflect these. Be passionate, be fair and generous, appreciate others, be ambitious, be happy and treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.

Our focus is on solid partnerships. We take the time to understand the customer requirements and then adapt a proven recruitment framework. This is essential for a great client and candidate experience and a successful outcome.

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What Our Clients Say

Some of our testimonials


Logical Consulting has a very unique way of consulting. I can say that I’ve not had such a professional experience with any other agency. From the very start it was about my needs and he explained the role from my perspective. When I left the meeting I knew it was my position. I’m so happy in this role and I couldn’t recommend Logical Consulting highly enough.

BI Consultant

“Sound advice”

Logical Consulting are very good at listening to the people they place and giving sound advice when requested. They worked hard and managed to find me one of the most satisfying roles I have had over the years which has given me a springboard to do much, much, more.

Data Analyst


Logical Consulting has been a great partner for our business. They are a very effective and astute recruiter and we have a great deal of trust in them. As such, they engage with us in a true consulting style as he provides sound advice and guidance with our recruitment. On top of that, Ashley is a first-class bloke, with a great sense of humour and always a pleasure to deal with.

Chief People Officer – NZ Telco

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