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Does multi listed, contingent recruitment work. Sure, just look at the number of recruitment companies thriving in this model.

Is it, in my opinion, the best model for permanent recruitment? No way.

Multi listed contingent recruitment means that the assignment is with more than one agent and a fee is payable only to the agency supplying the candidate. Industry standard dictates that the first agency to submit a candidate has the right to the fee.

Clients and the recruitment industry are so used to working on multi listed, contingent job orders that perhaps we don’t appreciate how self-defeating this can be.

Clients may think that they’ll get better service by getting agencies to compete, but they’re actively encouraging recruiters to work on speed, instead of quality.

Recruiters suffer. Poor us ?. On average, an agency only fills 1 in 5 multi listed roles. We want to partner and add value but, in this model, it is very difficult.

Candidates suffer the most. Now, we’ve all been candidates too at some stage, so we know that this is a fact. Sure, the one that gets the job should be happy, but many do not get the care, the advice, and the service they desire.

And this has real negative affects down the line.

Clients who haven’t given commitment to one agency then spend their time managing multiple suppliers. When they find the candidate they like, they are in a competition as the candidate has other offers. They do what they can to make their offer more attractive, more money usually, and run the risk of starting from square one if it is not enough.

Clients get irritated if they perceive the agency has not done a thorough job. However, it’s the client who sets the first come first served requirement. A recruiter would be disingenuous to ask a candidate to commit to working exclusively with them whilst not having full line of sight of the process and some control over it. We must expect salary expectations changing as offers come in.

So how do we make sure we are not fishing for the same, easy to catch but flighty fish, as everyone else?

We must stack the deck in your favour. Start by knowing what you really want by having a methodology to extract the information we need, and that’s so much more than just a Job Description document. Then propose a plan, an agile plan, with milestones and deliverables. Get consensus and commitment and only then source candidates. By mirroring this approach with your chosen candidates: extract information, propose the plan and get commitment before entering a recruitment phase, we entice the bigger, more discerning fish with a real incentive to bite.

Great technology is a must, but it does not distract from the art of recruitment and the personal aspect; it’s a hi-tech, hi-touch approach.

Even in this era of a short candidate market there are plenty of people looking for the right career move for them. You must take the time to understand their motivations first before recommending an opportunity to them. If you are fishing in the right place, with the right equipment and the right bait, you will be successful. Unfortunately for these tuna the end result wasn’t that great, but Logical aims to make recruitment an enjoyable and sustainable Win/Win/Win.

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