Consultancy – Bringing on resources during head count freeze

Consultancy – Bringing on resources during head count freeze

The Challenge

Client situation.

  • Under a head count freeze and unable to bring on permanent or contract resources
  • Able to use 3rd party consultancy partners to reduce work backlog and maintain BAU.

Great candidates for the positions

  • The client knew two individual people, skilled and experienced but could not bring them in.
  • Neither of the two had previously been independent contractors or were set up to operate in this way

3rd party consultancies

  • Did not have resources “sitting on the bench.”
  • New resources would require upskilling.
  • Resources were expensive and not of the same calibre as known operators.

Logical’s Approach

  • Logical was registered as a 3rd party consultancy under an MSA and was engaged to onboard and supply the two individuals to the client under the MSA terms and conditions.
  • Two individuals became Consultants of Logical requiring them to pass probity checking for MoJ (criminal history), Credit and Reference Checking.
  • Logical provided payroll, including withholding tax deductions and managed time sheeting, bcti (buyer-created tax invoices), PI/PL insurance and invoicing.

The results

  • Consultants introduced and onboarded by the client and commenced initial 12 month. project

  • Client cost reduced from traditional sourcing model.

  • Reduced down time and increased productivity with skilled consultants.

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Our vision

Logical Consulting has strong beliefs and our approach to recruitment reflect these. Be passionate, be fair and generous, appreciate others, be ambitious, be happy and treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.

Our focus is on solid partnerships. We take the time to understand the customer requirements and then adapt a proven recruitment framework. This is essential for a great client and candidate experience and a successful outcome.

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