Exclusive Permanent Recruitment Assignment

Exclusive Permanent Assignment

The Challenge

The requirement

  • Private Fintech company owner wanted a GM to take business to the next level
  • GM needed to be multi-talented focussed on operations, sales and an expert in the payments industry.

The salary package

  • Base salary was 50% of market rate with benefits made up in equity based on performance. It was high risk but high reward.


  • Needed to start immediately.
  • The client did not have time to interview and just wanted a turnkey solution.

Multiple suppliers

  • Two other recruitment providers already engaged.
  • No candidates submitted yet.

Logical’s Approach

  • After listening to the scope of the role Logical laid out their strategy on how they would approach this assignment
          • Enticing advertising to appeal to the entrepreneurial, stating the very low salary as a positive. The low salary accentuated the long-term earning potential as one of the upsides of the opportunity.
          • Extensive use of Logical’s professional networks for referrals.
          • Use of Logical’s recruitment partners who would know (and indeed did know) great candidates in this area.
          • Enforcing an NDA to protect valuable IP
          • Logical would release information on a need-to-know basis to protect the recruitment brand of the client.
          • Logical would compile a report to give the client an eagle’s eye view of all activity and provide assurance that the search process was comprehensive.
          • The position would be recruited exclusively to dedicate the resources and time required for success.

The results

  • Logical given a 2 week period of exclusivity
  • 4 candidates provided within the timeframe

  • Choice number one was offered the role and accepted it.

  • Choice number two was offered a newly created Chief Marketing Officer position

  • From the candidate perspective the aim was to provide a good experience and though 73 of the 75 would ultimately be disappointed, it was swift, fair and respectful.

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Our vision

Logical Consulting has strong beliefs and our approach to recruitment reflect these. Be passionate, be fair and generous, appreciate others, be ambitious, be happy and treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.

Our focus is on solid partnerships. We take the time to understand the customer requirements and then adapt a proven recruitment framework. This is essential for a great client and candidate experience and a successful outcome.

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